Robin -  high-end speaker (Fine, Contoured, Full)

The robin is probably Germany's most popular songbird. With this premise in mind, we developed our loudspeaker Robin: a living-room-compatible speaker integrated into the existing high-resolution sound world of SoundSpace Systems loudspeakers.

Our loudspeaker Robin impresses with its high resolution, exceptional micro- and macrodynamics, and captivating tonal balance. Other outstanding features are its clean impulse reproduction, extreme level stability and powerful sound reproduction down to below 30 Hertz. High efficiency is guaranteed with all SoundSpace Systems loudspeakers. Robin is a partially active 8 ohm speaker with 96 dB/W/m efficiency at an impedance minimum of 6.4 ohms. All crossovers are first order and designed without any impedance correction, so it makes it easy for any amplifier to go along with Robin.

Finest mid range

A specially developed AMT is used at the upper end of the frequency band. Speed, transparency and resolution are the defining characteristics and will convince any listener. The adjustable rear ribbon tweeter provides an incredibly airy lightness even in the highest frequencies. SoundSpace Systems Robin's tweeter range is extremely resilient, so soprano voices or electric guitars remain a pleasure even at high listening volumes. The subtlety of the treble is hard to beat and gives the Robin speaker its unmistakable character.

Midrange purity

Midrange purity is essential to our sonic vision. The Robin's 7" midrange driver is based on the same technology as all midrange drivers of SoundSpace Systems' larger speakers, consisting of an exponentially shaped diaphragm and made of finest cellulose fibers with silk surrounds. These are configured slightly smaller to adapt to the overall concept of our smallest speaker. In line with our other loudspeakers, electrical crossovers are reduced to a minimum. The configuration of the midrange as a folded open baffle makes Robin’s midrange exceptionally fast and homogeneous. We are happy about the result that has enormous emotional power, according to our motto "feel the music".

Rich basses

Contour and timing in the bass is essential for SoundSpace Systems loudspeakers. Therefore, it was important for us to maximize the bass drivers as much as possible despite the small stature of our loudspeaker Robin. Two 10" carbon drivers are used per channel in a closed cabinet with impulse compensation. A perfect impulse reproduction as well as a low bass without compression effects is also characteristic for Robin. Along with our other loudspeakers, we compensate for efficiency differences to the high and mid-range by means of an active bass with upstream DSP. Depending on listening habits or room situation, the bass intensity can be adjusted.

SoundSpace Systems Robin is a very sculptural speaker. The combination of black piano lacquer and rosewood, together with its clean lines, give it a delicate and harmonious shape. The combination of a bamboo cabinet and rosewood horn optimizes the listening pleasure.


Robin - Specifications (view from back)


System 3 way
Power rating 10 - 250 W
Frequency range 24 - 35.000 Hz
Impedance 8 Ohm nominal, 6,4 Ohm minimum
Efficiency 96 dB/W/m
Maximum SPL 108 dB
Dimensions (H x W x D) 114 x 27 x 43 cm
Weight 42 kg per speaker
Robin - Specifications (view from back)