Devotion, body and order in music have given us joy and comfort for thousands of years. Before the age of machines, music existed only in the here and now.
Since one could not always be there when music happened, one invented its preservation on portable means.
How could one help these carriers to perform in such a way that one could be there again without actually having to be present?
Now finally someone has made it. It took some time.

Thomas Struth, Artist

It's like entering a concert hall: One in which condensation drips from the ceiling even before the first riffs of the electric guitars. Or one in which the pianist pulls his cigarette again. Or one in which the soloists are just tuning their instruments and the listeners are clearing their throat again. But in reality it is the loudspeakers of SoundSpace Systems that give you the feeling of experiencing the musicians and their sounds as if they were standing (or sitting) in the room. At home, not in the hall, and yet right in the middle. Speakers can never be a one hundred percent simulation of a true concert. Here, however, they come very close to this goal, threateningly close.

Gerald Traufetter, Journalist, Der Spiegel

SoundSpace Systems speakers are not only very high end works of art with probably the best quality sound I’ve ever heard ... it’s much more. Over a delicious bottle of wine, we listened to David Bowie, U2, Beethoven and more. The experience took me on a trip to a parallel universe where my creative juices were amplified. I felt it increased my consciousness and reinforced the importance of creating great things for humanity. It’s hard to describe the experience but it was just magnificent!

Sanjay Varma, Co-founder/entrepreneur, Kalido and Alibaba

Pirols are the most musical speakers I have ever heard. The sheer level and quality of natural musical energy and emotions they convey is incredible. Switching to Pirols from another pair of truly high-end loudspeakers, my favorite records suddenly felt like a Rembrandt painting from which somebody removed layers of chemical varnish - fresh, alive, and like the artist intended them to feel.

Lukasz Abramovic, Partner, McKinsey & Company