The Klanghorn – our latest coup

SoundSpace Systems is tireless in its quest to continually improve its products. As a small manufactory we can make the special possible. Our latest coup is the Klanghorn, which is milled from a solid block of resonant wood. Even in ancient times, the horn made of natural materials was used to amplify sound. Our sound horn was developed in such a way that the music reproduction gets a more natural sound and comes as close as possible to the original tone. In order to avoid unnecessary resonances and vibrations, the sound horn has no parallel surfaces and the sound channel becomes conically larger and larger.

The result is not only a beautiful look and feel, but also the sound optimization speaks for itself. When a sound wave moves through the horn, it causes the resonators to vibrate. This restores subtle tones, in particular the overtones, which complete the entire sound image and allow all tones of the music to unfold. In this way, the sound horn achieves the highest precision, clarity and incredible sound volume in all music genres. Even at higher volumes, the sound stays clear and distortion-free and the dynamics are not disturbed.

The solid sound horn is an additional element that can be optionally installed in our loudspeakers. We think it's worth it!


Test: SoundSpace Systems Pirol by HIFI Statement

"The loudspeaker Pirol performs extremely enthusiastic and doesn’t leave the listener indifferent. By now it's clear to me: Michael Plessmann must have thought through some matters extremely well. I am not necessarily interested in the efficiency of a transducer. Be that as it may, the representatives from Soundspace Systems made it obvious that after all I ought to somehow think about it: Even when listening to the most familiar records, there suddenly was fine detail to be more clearly audible than with transducers whose efficiency lies around 90 decibels. Actually, I could get used to the active bass of the Pirol in the long run. Even if the bass level is clearly set to joyful listening, the lows of the Pirol remain rhythmically thrilling, resilient, nimble, fast and outlined. And such a constellation is a very difficult thing to achieve with pure passive concepts. One usually has to decide between the earmarks just described or immersing in pleasant low bass waves."

Aidoni Speakers Review by Mono & Stereo

"SoundSpace Systems Aidoni speakers deliver copious amounts of detail and unexpected resolution that exceed any close-minded expectations. More than that, SoundSpace Systems‘ flagship speakers can reveal mircro-timing deviations with mind-blowing precision. This feature alone is worth all of the excitement. Anything related to timing is crucial for the recreation of a believable aural illusion and Aidoni is splendid in this regard. Aidoni speakers are making their statements with their confrontational nature that instantly ignites all the rights inner triggers by bypassing the usual sensual safeguards. This is another rare feature that most high-end audio loudspeaker designers should strive for. It also puts Aidoni in the league of their own. These speakers were clearly designed from the ground-up to provide a purest and uncompromised music pleasure."

SoundSpace Systems Pirol by HIFI KNIGHTS and

"Over the course of this review I listened to Pirols paired also with several other amplifiers … There was actually one key lesson to be learned from all those setups, namely that Pirols don't really care about the technology behind amplifiers. What does matter is their performance. Because the more refined the partners, the more Pirols are able to spread their wings … As you've probably noticed I didn't go through with a standard checklist of the qualities we value so much as audiophiles. Why? The answer is simple – when it comes to the top components, speakers, amplifiers, sources and so on, individual sonic qualities don't matter anymore … what really matters starts beyond it. Simply because at this level it's not about bass, treble, midrange, timing, space, resolutions and so on anymore. Once you set Pirols up properly and start listening you will forget about all these now irrelevant sonic features and focus on music, on how it makes you feel, how immersive, personal and unique the experience will get. Whatever music genre is your favorite, whatever mood you're in, whether you need to relax or feel like dancing, Pirols will be there for you."

The SoundSpace Systems Pirol speakers experience by Mono and Stereo

"There is something fundamentally right in the way Pirol speakers present the essentials of music ... Pirol’s rigid internal structure and ceramic shell is surely a key point of taming the enormous energy while not killing the music. It’s too easy to rip out the music’s rawness, but Pirol’s well-thought innards are properly acoustically balanced. It’s not exactly easy to achieve a level of acoustical control where no frequency is having their forte. That is only one quest with the speakers’ design. The biggest challenge is getting the timbre, tone and color right. While some speaker’s design allows the thunderous rendition of the music, they’re too often sound like a pro-audio system; shouting and nervously delivering the sonic content. It takes a lot of sweat and blood to get any speaker to the real high-end audio plane, where high-end stands for the believable converting of music where little or nothing is lost in translation … This is exactly what Pirol offers … a no constrained aural enjoyment with a far grander sonic projection than what one would expect from their size."