Pirol high-end speaker with Bronze socket

Pirol was designed to bring the concept of perfect sound into the life of a broad group of music lovers. Starting from this idea, Pirol has turned into a wonderful loudspeaker. Every kind of music works: Jazz - just wonderful, Classic - could play the whole night, Rock - gets you moving. Listen and dive deeply into the worlds of sound.

Pirol is small enough to suit almost every listening environment and big enough to support the real bass experience. Agility is its biggest strength. Dynamics - macro and micro - are Pirols best friends. A large size AMT is embedded in a perfectly matched resonating space and paired with an ultra fast and precise cross over. At 97 dB/w/m it is highly efficient and an ideal pairing for almost any amp. A single ended 300 B works nicely with Pirol.

Top frequencies recreated with ease

The AMT at the top end of the frequencies plays effortless and crystal clear. It is ultra fast and pivotal to the DNA of Pirol. It takes care of the frequencies from the presence band all the way to the top and is supported by a rear ribbon tweeter for the last quantum of airiness at the highest frequencies. You will enjoy every detail embedded in recordings, however, also recognize the absence of compression. These are fundamental requirements for us to enjoy sound.

Natural wide range

For a great sound experience we like a mid range that is lightening fast with a silky texture that pulls us into music. Pirol’s bigger brother Aidoni has exactly these attributes. That’s why we used the fundamental elements of Aidoni and adopted them to Pirol’s needs. We use the same driver but with very different modifications and preserved the open baffle setting. This is the midrange we had in mind for Pirol - in tune and in time.

Deep and accurate bass

The bass line is the foundation of most music. Deep frequencies are an intuitive experience and reveal the emotions in music. It makes a big difference when we can feel the physical energy of sound. When we talk physical energy we mean all the way down to 20 Hz. Two 12 inch carbon fiber drivers per channel paired with 500 W of amplification boosted at the lowest frequencies with a DSP contribute significantly to our understanding of sound. It is essential to unlock the magic of music.

Pirols appearance reflects its sound attributes of speed and potency. It follows the rules of ancient Greek harmony and applies Feng Shui rules to all measurements. It comes in a broad range of finishes and materials. Our no compromise composite enclosure results in a weight of 120 kg each ( lbs). It stands like a rock while looking elegant. Once the music starts the magic comes alive.


Pirol - Specifications (view from back)


System 3way
Power rating 100/ 300 W
Frequency range 20 - 35.000 Hz
Impedance 8 Ohm nominal
4 Ohm minimum
Efficiency 97 dB/W/m
Maximum SPL 115 dB
Dimensions (H x W x D) 124 x 44 x 48 cm
Weight 120 kg per speaker
Pirol - Specifications (view from back)