Mozart - The compact sound optimizer.

The quality of power supply matters big time in HIFI and to us even more than that. Our loudspeakers reveal every detail of the signal and that unfortunately includes power supply related distortions. That’s why we are taking this topic seriously and developed our own Power Conditioner. SoundSpace Systems AC Power Conditioner improves the power supply, electromagnetic compatibility and removes radio interference. We explain how it works.

The foundation of any sound system is electricity. Unfortunately, too little attention is paid to it. With alternating current, the devil is in the detail. The underlying technology is over a hundred years old, created for light bulbs and electric motors, and not designed to power delicate analogue and digital circuits in audio and video systems. Especially due to the rapidly increasing transmission of signals over power lines and in combination with voltage fluctuations and overstressed power supply lines (e.g. due to phase-angle controls), our electricity network is more and more reaching its limits. This is a disaster for the sound of HIFI systems.

The sensitive components of a HIFI system urgently need "clean" alternating current. Due to the numerous interferences in power lines, at low levels up to one third of the high-resolution audio signal is either lost, masked or strongly alienated. These interferences influence the signal circuit and permanently distort or falsify the source signal. In order to cope with the ever-increasing bandwidths and dynamic range, interference over a wide frequency range should be reduced to a minimum.

This is where we started to further optimize the sound of our loudspeakers and the entire HIFI system. And we believe our sound engineer has found the philosopher's stone - the result has convinced everyone so far. With the SoundSpace Systems AC Power Conditioner, transparency, spatiality, dynamics and grip of the sound are audibly improved and you will experience your system in a new way. Many power conditioners available on the market noticeably restrict the dynamics of music reproduction, so that one buys the advantages with greater disadvantages. This was unacceptable to us, so we took a different approach.

SoundSpace Systems AC Power Conditioner is a passive filter and consists only of coils and capacitors. We deliberately did without resistors and there is also no power switch to keep the internal resistance as low as possible. The coils are current compensated, i.e. several windings of the same direction are placed on a common core. In this way, they suppress asymmetrical and common-mode interference currents flowing in the same direction on the supply lines. On the other hand, for the operating current that flows in push-pull (i.e., in the opposite direction on both leads) they only represent a very low inductance. The resulting magnetic fields of a push-pull current consequently cancel each other out and can no longer generate a magnetic field in the core, thus developing the highest effectiveness. The capacitors used are special safety interference suppression capacitors, namely X capacitors for attenuating push-pull interference voltages and Y capacitors for suppressing common-mode interference.

SoundSpace Systems AC Power Conditioner comes in a compact Corian housing and offers the following advantages:

  • supplies your system with low impedance "clean" power
  • eliminates common-mode and push-pull interference
  • reduces radio interference
  • is available with CH, EU, UK, and US connections, others on request
  • suitable for all audio and AV systems
  • improves the sound of any audio system
  • two models available: model 1 up to 3,000 W and model 2 up to 6,900 W power handling.

You will be amazed at the remarkable results that can be heard through the optimized power supply: Quietness and dynamics increase, detail reproduction is improved and instruments and musicians are clearly delineated.

We invite you to test our AC Power Conditioner at home for 30 days without obligation. If you are not satisfied, return the unit to us and we will refund the purchase price.


  Mozart I Mozart II
Number of outputs 1 1
Output (low impedance, high current) 3,000 W 6,900 W
Load current max. 13 A max. 30 A
Power voltage 100 to 240 V 100 to 240 V
Rated frequency 50 to 60 Hz 50 to 60 Hz
Dimensions (LxWxH) 25 x 12 x 11 cm 25 x 12 x 11 cm
Weight 2.5 kg 3 kg